The state of the economy and loss of jobs are forcing more and more people to downsize to the point of moving from a house to an apartment just so that they can live an affordable lifestyle. As simple as this may seem, the real problem comes when you have lot of furniture that you cannot take along with you for lack of space and selling the furniture is not an option that you want to pursue.

In cases like this you would find that self storage units from could become your best friend. More than providing a space for storing your household furniture, self storage units are also ideal for holding your prized possessions such as heirlooms and antiques that you may have. Self storage units are available in a variety of sizes and you can get any size from a closet space to a wide open area for putting multiple items. You can leave your items at a storage facility and rest easy knowing that your items are safe and secure. If you are thinking about getting a storage unit, here are a few things that you should know.

Most storage unit facilities that you would visit would allow you to pay for your storage on a month to month basis. This offers flexibility as if your situation should change you can easily withdraw your items without having to incur extra fees. Next you would want to choose a storage facility that is first of all a reputable one as well as it offers you maximum security such as video cameras and durable locks for your unit. Even before going down to the storage facility you should make a list of the items that you would want to put in storage. Not everything on your list will be accepted at the facility. These include combustible and inflammable materials such as car batteries, motor oil and even nail polish and remover.

You also cannot store perishable food items, plants and crops or important documents and computer software. Once you have provided the facilities personnel with your list, they would tell you about the items that you can store there and the one’s you would have to store elsewhere. As you select a storage unit, ensure that you choose one that is climate controlled. Climate controlled units can help to protect your items from the temperature as well as moisture which can be harm your items.


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